profile grinder


Respond to a wide range of customer needs. New standard machine with improved operability and visibility

Usage High-precision mold parts (punches and dies), special tools, cylindrical parts, etc.
material Carbide, tool steel, cermet, ceramic, CBN, high speed steel


  • The projector is made in-house. Provides visibility under strict quality control. Reliable support due to in-house production.
    Equipped with a new type of LED transillumination as standard to provide a clear projection image.
  • Abundant options (vertical indexing device, cylindrical device, etc.) are available to meet various processing needs.
  • WAIDA's original software "SPG Lab" (option) is adopted.
    Supports an operator-friendly work environment both on and off the machine.
  • The stroke unit can be selected from a highly operable linear motor type or a conventional reciprocating link type.
  • Up/down stroke is
    Linear motor type: 160mm
    Reciprocating link type: 110mm
  • fully-covered design support for safety and ease of use (option)