We will exhibit at WCTC2024.

We will be exhibiting at the World Cutting Tools Conference 2024 (WCTC2024) to be held in Osaka, Japan from May 21st to 24th, 2024.


[Period] May 21st (Tuesday) to May 24th (Friday), 2024
[Venue] Osaka International Convention Center (Grand Cube Osaka)
[Organizer] Japan Cutting & Wear-resistant Tool Association (JTA)


Click here for the WCTC2024 website


We look forward to seeing many visitors.

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Regarding base increase and starting salary increase in 2024

We consider distribution to employees not as a cost but as an investment in the future, and in order to appropriately distribute the fruits of growth to employees, we have implemented a sustainable bear policy, which has become the driving force behind the company's growth.
Based on this idea, and in order to further increase the job satisfaction of employees, we have decided to increase the base salary by 16,700 yen and increase the starting salary from January 2024, as shown in the attached document, with the highest ever revised salary. Did.


Please see the attached sheet for details.

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To customers affected by the earthquake with epicenter on the Noto Peninsula

We would like to express our deepest sympathies to our customers who were affected by the recent earthquake that centered on the Noto Peninsula, and to everyone in the affected areas.

We will provide full support for our customers' recovery and production recovery.

Please contact us via the inquiry form (Link) on our homepage or at the phone number below.


[Disaster countermeasure response (Sales Technology Division)]

電話:0577-32-9119    FAX:0577-32-9339


We sincerely hope that everyone will recover as soon as possible.