Fully automatic profile grinder


An intelligent profile grinder that enables fully automatic compensation finishing of high-precision mold parts.

Usage High-precision mold parts (punch & die)
material Carbide


  • Equipped with an original interactive program (iPG-Lab) that follows the operability of the SPG-W series
  • Various functions (CAM, grinding wheel measurement, thermal displacement measurement, image processing) enable fully automatic correction finishing.
  • Simple high-rigidity structure with a total of 4-axis configuration of 3 linear linear motors and 1 rotating DD motor
  • Product measurement with report function by high-precision image processing
  • Can be equipped with ATC/AWC that enables automatic processing of different types of punches and dies
  • In addition to high-precision uniform taper processing of the die, cutting edge straight processing is also possible.
  • Equipped with grinding wheel and workpiece measurement with a digital camera and automatic correction function
  • Profile machining is fully automated by installing an automatic tool changer (ATC) and an automatic work changer (AWC).
  • fully-covered design support for safety and ease of use