Fully automatic insert peripheral grinding machine


A global basic machine of a Fully Automatic Insert Periphery Grinder that can select options to meet a wide range of needs.

Usage Fully automatic machining of outer periphery and single-one-side land of standard series inserts
material Carbide, cermet, ceramic, CBN, PCD


  • Choose from 3 different workheads for standard, high clamping pressure, and single-sided land machining
  • original interactive program (ToolLab) capable of 3D simulation can be selected
  • Three vertically-placed pallets (WAIDA standard) can be equipped
  • New high-torque, high-rigidity structure adopted
  • Improved maintainability and power saving
  • CE standard specification including fully-covered design for safe working environment
  • An automatic centering device that improves work efficiency can be selected.