Comprehensive factory management

Factory facility demonstrates Waida’s technology

We invite customers who have installed our machines on factory tours so that they can understand our environmental management, quality control, and high technology. We believe this is the origin of building a long-lasting partnership with customers. Our factory has the elements of trust that make our customers, who are in the same manufacturing business same as we, convinced and sympathetic.

Factory management of Waida Mfg. Co., Ltd.

A customer impression we often hear is “Your factory control is well established.” To keep living up to such words, we strive to maintain discipline and keep things tidy and in order day and night. We believe that these efforts lead to confidence in the high quality of our products.

Vital parts are machined in-house so as to ensure the precision of individual parts. We implement consistent factory management from machining to assembling. To ensure the quality of our products, we repeat test machining until the customer is satisfied, while asking them to confirm the quality in a temperature-controlled precision measurement laboratory.

Precision Measurement Laboratory

Consistent factory management from machining to assembling

Feelings of our customers during factory tour

We sometimes receive compliments like, "You make each machine in such a careful manner."
Our company employs highly skilled artisans. Among other techniques, fitting work is done manually, which is rarely seen in large companies. Because we are based in the Takayama area, where many artisans have been trained since early times, engineers engage in specialized fields over a long period of time so as to pass down reliable skills.

Fitting technique

Fitting technique

Example of factory tour

Example of factory tour
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