Response to customers

Our engagement builds long-term trust relationships

The road we have traveled with our customers since 1933

For over 80 years, Waida Mfg. Co., Ltd. has walked beside our customers while continuously responding to customers’ requests. Our basic “Customers First” attitude toward manufacturing products from the standpoint of customers has been handed down right up to the present day.

We forge a face-to-face relationship with the customers who install our machines, from large corporations to independently-operated companies. We have won great support for the “WAIDA Brand” that has been built together with many customers both at home and abroad.

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Real relationship starts after delivering a machine

We believe that the real relationship with customers who install our Waida Mfg. machines starts after the machines are delivered.

We are not just selling machines. Our belief is that it is also our important task to support our customers with processing technology and provide business-related information.

Machines require maintenance as they age. We also put effort into our after-sales service so that the machines can be used for over 20 or 30 years. It is also our pleasure to build up a trust relationship after delivering a machine to a customer.

We currently deal with customers around the world. In every country, we originated from the installation of a single machine that satisfied the customer. The connection of trust from that moment has led to our current delivery record.

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