Profile Grinder

SPG-X sereis


The SPG-X meets a wide range of customer needs.
This new standard profile grinder offers improved ease of operation and visibility.

High-precision die parts, special tools, cylindrical parts, etc.
For a stroke unit, either a linear motor type which has great operability
or a conventional reciprocating link type is available.
The projector is manufactured in-house under rigorous quality control
to deliver visibility and reassuring support.
The new standard-equipped LED transmitted illumination provides clear projections.
Meets various grinding needs due to a wide range of optional equipment available
(e.g., vertical indexing device, cylindrical device, etc.).
Equipped with WAIDA's original software "SPG Lab"(Option).
Supports an operator-friendly environment either on or off the machine.
Up/down stroke:
160 mm for linear motor type
110 mm for reciprocating link type
Profile Grinder, Sample
  • Profile Grinder, Sample
  • Profile Grinder, Sample
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