Jig Grinder



Intelligent Jig grinder equipped with an interface software UJG Lab while retaining the feature of conventional model (UJG-35).



UJG series' unique U axis structure provides high accuracy and efficiency grinding, moreover it extended grinding range widely.

Grinding of holes and profile shapes for precision die plates, precision parts, and jigs, etc.
Grinding of holes and profile shapes for large precision die plates, precision parts, and jigs, etc.
Achieves grinding of large-sized work pieces and multiple work pieces by means of the wide-sized table (1,300mm X 650mm).
The automated eccentric cutting U axis mechanism (patented) achieves significantly reducing grinding time and extending continuous unmanned operation while high-precision grinding.
Creating grinding programs by intuitive simple operation such as preset value function.
User-friendly original software for easy creation of grinding programs.
Graphic display of workpiece shape.
Creating grinding program by reading DXF data. (Option)
Equipped with on-machine measurement (Option) that excels measuring equipment in accuracy.
Worries in precision control caused by oil adhesion to work pieces are eliminated
Jig Grinder, Sample
  • Continuous grinding of different-diameter holes
  • Continuous grinding of multiple workpieces(maximum 46 workpieces)
  • Profile shape grinding
  • Large-sized plate grinding
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