Fully Automatic Grooving Insert Grinder



Various grinding method and process are integrated into this model that is Fully Automatic Grooving Insert Grinder

Usage:Fully automatic grinding for cutting edge shape of grooving insert
Material:Carbide, Cermet, Ceramic, CBN, PCD
Making and editing grinding program is enabled
by original interactive program (GIG-ToolLab) installed as standard
Breaker grinding is enabled by sub grinding wheel (option)
addition to grinding wheel
Compensation grinding is enabled
by automatic measuring blank position and workpiece size
Reduction setting up time and stable continuous grinding are enabled
by various measurements (workpiece, grinding wheel, thermal displacement)
Front and periphery dressing of grinding wheel is available
In-process cleaning device can be equipped
Preparing tool rest that meets various requirements
Lay down pallet and pallet changer can be equipped
Fully Automatic Grooving Insert Grinder, Sample

Grinding example

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