Business characteristics

For improving product reliability and customer satisfaction

Our business style is talking with customers directly, finding the customer needs through the talk, then proposing and realizing products that satisfy the customer needs.

To provide customers with more reliable and satisfactory products, we have established necessary sections for each process of planning, developing, manufacturing, and selling to build up the system for pursuing higher level of quality management and service.

Image:Providing customer satisfactionthrough products and services

Prompt response to customer needs

  • Understanding customer needs through active dialogues
  • Drawing out needs / to-the-point proposals
  • Building up a long-term trust relationship

Technology development
Periodically providing next generation products

  • Proposing customer values in our quest for products and new developments
  • Reflecting customer needs in products
  • Quality assurance and cost management

Providing high quality machinery

  • Optimizing manufacturing through high-mix, low-volume production, and providing high quality, high precision, and high efficiency products in a short period of time
  • Production system with fine adjustment and integral architecture
  • Quality assurance

Building up an efficiency-oriented system

  • Building up a management system through the "visualization" of information
  • Revenue simulation by the Management Planning Division
  • Quality and environmental management system in our own unique way

Supporting full operation of our customers

  • Quick response for production support
  • Specialists who are capable of providing suitable responses
  • Providing security and reliability of products

Core technologies

We have two core technologies; "grinding technology" for high precision micromachining of hard and brittle materials using superabrasives (mainly diamond abrasives) capable of grinding down to the micrometer or nanometer, and “precision machine technology” for producing precision machines. These technologies did not start from imitation, but have been nurtured while accumulating the unique product developments for which we are highly valued by our customers.

Image:Core technologies
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